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Entrance to the Tulita Parking Lot is off of Avenue H. Exit is onto Prospect Ave. 

Visitors may pull in and turn left and park in any open space. Please only park in the "30 Minute" space if you will be on site for a short period of time.
Please do not use the "Watch DOGS" marked space unless you are serving as a Watch DOG for the day.

Staff parking is to the right of the entrance.

Please do not park and leave your vehicle in the red lane. The red lane is for emergencies and Valet. 

Many visitors park along the surrounding streets; please note the street cleaning schedule and be respectful of our neighbors.
The Tulita Valet offers an efficient, curbside drop-off and pick-up for our 1st-5th grade students. Please review the following procedures to make the process a safe for you, the students, and our great volunteers:

- Pull into the parking lot, stay to the right of the orange cones, using only the curbside (valet) red lane.

- Pull forward as far as you can in the driveway as often as possible.

- Left lane is not for drop off; use it to pull into a parking space or drive through to exit.

- Do not drop off your child from the left lane. It is unsafe for children to cross in front of moving vehicles.

AM Drop Off: Begins at 8:00am

- Pull forward in the valet lane and allow your child to exit the vehicle onto the sidewalk. Do not get out of the car as this will slow down the entire process.

PM Pick Up: Students using the Valet will be waiting on the front lawn.

- Remind your child to be on the lookout for your vehicle. Place a placard with your child's name in the passenger side dash.

- Pull forward as far as possible in the valet lane, give your child’s name to the valet; the valet will page your child and assist in loading.

-Please be on the lookout for pedestrians and proceed with caution.

-Please avoid texting or talking on your cell phone while in the Tulita parking lot.
Click here to download, personalize, and print your Tulita Valet Placard! Please place this placard in your front passenger side windshield so that we can easily view the student's name and ensure a speedy dismissal process!