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Dress Code

The appearance and manner of dress of students is a matter to be determined primarily by the student's parents. The district expects students will attend school wearing clothing that is both neat and clean and which is appropriate to the activities being conducted in school and to the weather. In no case shall the dress or appearance of a student be such that it endangers the health and safety of the student or others or such that it has a disruptive effect upon the orderly operation of the school. (Code Title 5, section 302, Board Policy 5132 a-b)


Students are expected to come to school ready to learn. They should be well fed, well groomed, and dressed appropriately. It is our goal to assist parents in establishing proper guidelines for children related to appearance. Students need to know that going to school is not unlike their parents going to work. It is important to remember that we are establishing a code that is appropriate for young children attending school. We are attempting to discourage children from taking on the appearance of various sub-cultures related to drug abuse, violence, promiscuity, and gang activity and prevent distractions to learning. Therefore the following code regarding dress has been established and will be enforced:


  • No attire may be worn that promotes or advertises the following: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, other drugs, gang association, sex, and negative or profane comments.
  • Students may not wear spaghetti strap tank-tops, crop-tops, tops with “spaghetti straps”, muscle shirts, or cut-off shirts of any kind.
  • Student’s undergarments may not be exposed at any time.
  • Students may not wear shirts that are so short they expose any skin.  Students may not wear shorts that are too short.  Discretion lies with the staff and principal.
  • Sturdy footwear is required. Flexible footwear with low heels, such as tennis shoes, is strongly recommended in order to participate in physical education. No platform shoes, no open-toed shoes, sandals, Teva’s, Crocs, heelies, or open-heeled shoes such as “Jellies” etc. are allowed. All shoes must be securely tied or strapped and fit correctly and must have backs.
  • Students may not wear oversized clothing. All pants must stay up by themselves and should not have to be constantly pulled up.
  • Students may not wear make-up. This includes eye shadow, hair or facial glitter, etc.
  • No dangling earrings.
Enforcement of Dress Code
The following consequences will occur for students who do not dress according to our established rules:
  • The school will contact parents to bring appropriate clothing to school, if student's appropriate clothing isn't available at school.
  • If student is waiting for parent to bring appropriate clothing, the student will remain in the office until they are dressed appropriately.