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At the Redondo Beach Unified School District, we believe today's students are true digital natives who are accustomed to instant access to information. RBUSD provides 24/7 access to digital content, learning tools and a computer for each student and teacher participating in our 1:1 student laptop program. We are pleased to offer this program and are grateful for your support of Measure Q, which has allowed us to provide our students with a true 21st-century quality education!
Common Sense Media 
This site has printable guides for parents regarding digital literacy. It includes a series of scope and sequenced lessons for all grade levels.

This site allows parents to choose an issue for help. Issues include cyberbullying, cell phones, blogging, gaming, privacy, and more.
More information on the RBUSD Chromebook Program.

Need Help at Home??

RBUSD has created a website filled with video tutorials and links to help users navigate their Chromebook. Please note that only RBUSD students and staff will be able to access the site. Parents are welcome to explore the site by logging in on their child's Chromebook.


Chromebook Help Website