Sarah Kroon » 3rd grade is so much fun!

3rd grade is so much fun!

A Brief descriptions of what we learn in 3rd grade...
READING/GRAMMAR: In Language arts we read both novels (fiction and non-fiction) as well as use the Language Arts curriculum Houghton Mifflin as guides to learning lots of new common core standards. Every week we have 3 or 4 standards we learn/practice through lessons, interactive notebook activities, as well as centers (with teacher and independent work). For more specific details on our common core standards look under the "online resources". 
WRITING: Every Wednesday room 20 has "Writing Wednesday". This is a great opportunity for the kids to learn good writing skills through model,  practice, peer editing and then production.  We have three main writing types narrative, opinion, and Informational writing.

the main math concepts this year are:
  •  number sense
  • geometry
  • multiplication/division
  • fractions
science lessons this year will be on:
  • Forces and interactions
  • Interdependent relationships in Ecosystem
  • Inheritance and Variation or Traits: Life- cycles and Traits
  • Weather and Climate
  • Engineering and Design
Social Studies
Social Studies lesson this year will be on:
  • Where we live/ Geography
  • American Symbols
  •  Government
  • CA Native Americans
  • Economics