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What We're Doing


Unit 2 - Meeting Challenges

In unit one, we studied how Early Explorers came to “discover” the new world - North and South America.  Many European countries claimed land on these continents as their own. Well, now what?? In unit two, we will study how and why the first settlers moved to what would eventually become the United States of America.


Essential Question:  How can resources assist in meeting challenges?


The settlers had many challenges in moving to this new, unknown and unsettled land.  We will explore how the environment they moved to dictated how they built their colonies.  As a paired fiction novel, we will read The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.  In this novel, we will come to find how Lina and Doon use their resources to find the secret way out of Ember - and just in time too!




Module 2 - Multi-digit Whole Number And Decimal Fraction Operations

During this module of math, we will study:


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Unit 2 - Modeling Matter

During this unit, we will take on the role of food scientists for the fictional company Good Food Productions, Inc.  We will study 3 chapters as food scientists:

  • Chapter 1:  Why did the food coloring separate into different dyes?
  • Chapter 2:  Why do some salad dressings have sediment and others don't?
  • Chapter 3:  Why can salad-dressing ingredients separate again after being mixed?