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South Bay Adult School Course Offerings!

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Summer Break:

June 16th - August 30th


1st Day of School for 2016-17:
Wednesday, August 31st

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Summer Math - TenMarks Information

Research shows that most students lose 2-3 months of grade level math equivalency over the summer. To combat this learning loss, our district will be using TenMarks to provide your child with access to a powerful, personalized summer math program designed to help him or her reverse the loss. Your child has already been using TenMarks at school this year and an hour a week over the summer is all it takes for your child to strengthen his/her math skills and prepare for the year ahead.  This summer program will only be available until August 19th, when your student’s information will roll over to the new school year.

Here is how it works (You must have your child's password and username!)       


1. Over the last few weeks of the program, your child has taken an end-of-the-year diagnostic assessment based on the grade s/he is completing.             

2. The assessment will be automatically graded and TenMarks will create a personalized program, designed for your child to prepare for the upcoming year.             

3. Have your student work on his/her personal assignments and Jam Sessions for at least an hour a week over the summer.


The TenMarks Summer Math Program will guide your child through their personalized program, one topic at a time, helping them refresh what they know, and learn what they don’t. Each assignment contains embedded instruction (hints, video lessons, and interventions) to ensure success.                          


4 Tips for Parents

  1. Create your parent account. You can use your parent account to see what your child is working on, and you can also look up your child’s username and password if forgotten.
  2. Remind your child to use tools when they have questions or are stuck on a problem. You can use these tools along with your child to learn and review math together.

HINTS ­  - There are three hints embedded in every problem.

VIDEOS ­  - There is at least one video tutorial for every problem.

EXPLANATIONS  - If your child answers a problem incorrectly, they can immediately see the right  answer and how to get there.

AMPLIFIERS -  If your child scores a 70% or less, he or she will immediately receive a mini­lesson  called an Amplifier.

TEXT­TO­SPEECH ­ - Dubbed “the hearo” button, this little icon can help your child read math  problems and sharpen listening skills. 

CLOSED CAPTIONING ­ - Also, teach your child to use closed captioning to see words while  they are being spoken in videos. 

  1. Motivate your child by making goals together. You can ask your child:
    • How many assignments can you complete this week?
    • How much time do you want to spend on TenMarks?
    • How man videos will you watch this week?
  2. Celebrate your child’s effort, and emphasize growth, and support your child when he or she struggles. We love these ideas rooted in a Growth Mindset! https://www.amazon.com/gp/withmathican/resources-home

Check out the online webinar TenMarks Summer ’16 Math Program: Keys to Supporting Growth at Home  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMeNyvFcFFA&feature=youtu.be ) to identify ways you can support your student this summer.


Let’s say goodbye to summer learning loss! Have a great summer!

Dr. Farzad

Tulita From Above!


Tulita Walking School Bus! Thank you Volunteers!

Tulita Walking School Bus! Thank you Volunteers!
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Notice to Parents and Guardians about Vaccine Exemptions

RE:  New immunization requirements for 2016


Under a new law known as SB 277, beginning January 1, 2016 exemptions based on personal beliefs will no longer be an option for the vaccines that are currently required for entry into child care or school in California.  Most families will not be affected by the new law because their children have received all required vaccinations. Personal beliefs exemptions on file for a child already attending child care or school will remain valid until the child reaches the next immunization checkpoint at kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade. 


It is important to understand that transitional kindergarten is considered to be kindergarten for the purposes of immunization requirements.  Therefore, the required vaccinations for a kindergarten student are also required for the transitional kindergarten student. For more information about SB 277, please see the Frequently Asked Questions available at: http://www.shotsforschool.org/laws/sb277faq/. For more information about school immunization requirements and resources, please visit the California Department of Public Health’s website at www.shotsforschool.org, or contact your local health department or county office of education.


Thank you for helping us to keep our children and community healthy.


Tulita Achieves Silver Recognition!

We are proud to announce that Tulita Elementary received the 2015 National Healthy Schools SILVER Award for leading comprehensive health, physical activity, and wellness efforts during the 2014-2015 school year.

To earn the Award Tulita improved its nutrition and wellness services and physical activity programs to meet or exceed stringent standards set by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program.

A big thank you to our 2014-15 Wellness Council for the support and dedication to this amazing recognition!

In addition, Let’s Move! Active Schools (a sub-initiative of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign) is currently featuring Tulita Elementary School’s outstanding efforts in creating an Active School environment. Click here to read our success story!


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Growth Mindset Corner

Click here to hear the message of the POWER OF YET!


Click here to read educational research on the Growth Mindset and how it relates to resiliency in students! Reminds us that even geniuses have to work hard!

Tulita Wellness Council

Click here for the NEW Tulita Wellness Council webpage!

Summer Reading Lists

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2016 Student of the Year - Shae Reger!

2016 Student of the Year - Shae Reger!

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Enrollment Begins March 1st!

RBUSD Open Enrollment begins March 1st! Click here for more information.


School of Choice Information

RBUSD Inter-district Permit Information



2016-17 Kindergarten Info

Interested in finding out more information about Kindergarten Round Up for next school year? Click here for more information on TK/Kindergarten enrollment for next school year!


Be a Watch D.O.G.!

Dads/Dad-like Figures - do you have a day to volunteer as a D.O.G. at Tulita? Click here to sign up! Many spots left for the rest of the year!


Why is math different now?!?!?

This is a question we often hear our parents asking us. Please take a few minutes to watch this short video on math instruction in today's classrooms. Click here and enjoy!


Read Stanford Professor Jo Boaler's Advice for Parents!

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Tulita School Handbook 2015-16

Please click here to access our school’s handbook which covers a variety of topics from important dates and attendance, to health concerns and our health office policies, to our discipline matrix and school rules. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Transforming into a Growth Mindset School!


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