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The reading assessment is currently being used by classrooms in grades K-5 at all eight of the RBUSD elementary schools is called the Fountas and Pinnel Benchmark Assessment. Data ascertained through the assessment by classroom teachers at the beginning of the year is used to determine a benchmark for instructional puposes and as a gauge to evaluate progress made on reading fluency and comprehension throughout the year. Students in grades K-5 are formally assessed three times a year at the beginning, mid-point and end of the year. SEE CHART BELOW FOR F & P LADDER OF PROGRESS.

Research and Reliability
Parents or guardians who would like to learn more about the research and reliability of the this assessment tool can read more here.

What is the Benchmark Assessment System?

The Benchmark Assessment System is a one-on-one, comprehensive assessment to determine independent and instructional reading levels. It is used to place students on the Fountas & Pinnel A-Z reading level scale.

This reading assessment efficiently and accurately assesses a student's independent and instructional reading levels, which can then be used by the teacher and student to select appropriate texts for instruction and serve as a benchmark for measuring progress.

Conducting benchmark assessment allows teachers to...
  • Determine students' independent and instructional reading levels.
  • Determine reading placement levels and group students for reading instruction.
  • Select texts that will be productive for student's instruction.
  • Assess the outcomes of teaching.
  • Assess a new student's reading level for independent reading and instruction.
  • Identify students who need intervention.
  • Document student progress across a school year and across grade levels.
  • Inform parent of student progress.

What will you see on a student's report card?

At Tulita, teachers report a student's INDEPENDENT reading level based on a non-fiction passage. This is the level that a student can comfortably read at independently at an accuracy rate of 98% and above with satisfactory or excellent comprehension.
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