Tulita Elementary School

News Item: Programs


There are many country booths still available here! You do not need to be a native of the country you sign up for – we would love for volunteers to represent a favorite vacation spot or a country they are interested in too!

Entertainment fills up fast!! 

If your student(s) are interested in performing, would like to be involved, or have questions please let our entertainment coordinator, Steph Walker, know!  She may be reached at tulitapta.mcn@gmail.com. To ensure we have enough time to showcase all our wonderful student talent, we are going to limit performances to students-only this year (but parents are always welcome to perform alongside their children).


Potluck Contributions

WE ARE IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS!! We are asking for three potluck dishes per class this year. Please sign up under your teacher’s name…thank you for your donations!

her’s name. Thank you!!!

Posted by: Winnie Castor Published:1/30/17
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